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Episode 2

Published on:

27th Aug 2018


Diary of a Space Archivist Season 01: episode 02

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Subscribe via iTunes Diary of a Space Archivist¬†¬© Rebecca Stirrup 2018 Diary of a Space Archivist Sam wanted to be at the forefront of space exploration. ¬†Ideally on the crew of The Discoverer. Instead Sam’s stuck on her own in a beaten-up-junk-ship, trailing around space behind The Discoverer, archiving all of their cool discoveries in […]

Episode 1

Published on:

19th Aug 2018


Diary of a Space Archivist Season 01: episode 01

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A podcast that, rather surprisingly, doesn't involve much archiving...
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Diary of a Space Archivist
A light-hearted podcast about space, family and chocolate...
Sam always wanted to explore space. And she is in space. Unfortunately she isn't exploring. She's archiving. Yep. Things can only get better, right?

Join Sam as she navigates the pitfalls of space legislature, narrowly avoids 'detention', repeatedly fixes her broken down space-ship and glitching A.I. companion and... oh yes... discovers stuff.
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Beccy Stirrup

I'm Beccy and I make 'Diary of a Space Archivist', and the-soon-to-be-launched, 'Story Trails'. I genuinely love writing and making stuff. I have worked for over a decade in Higher Education and actually began making my podcast because I wanted to help students navigate Audacity. I soon fell in love with the medium and that, as they say, was that. Now I work for myself as a freelance writer / performer and education consultant, and I get to make my podcasts - which I hope you enjoy.